Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The nightstand.

One of my favourite things to do is read.  I love it.  As far back as I can remember, I've loved reading.  Possibly because I lived in the country, with no playmates that lived close by.  We had to "make our own fun", and "back then" (HA!!) there was not near the amount of 'entertainment' (if that's what you want to call it) as we have now.  (seriously! people.  How many ps2/xbox/wii systems does one need??)

Okay.  So I'm 'killing' myself here.  
I'm thinking of a long post about 'you know you're getting old when'.

Back to the reading.

I spent most of my teenage years with my nose in a book. More so romance fiction than anything else.  I love a "good 'ole" Amish read.  Reading is an escape for me.  A hideaway into someone elses' life and experiences.  
Now, I don't allow myself near as much time as I would like.
Mainly because there are so many 'other' things that need to be accomplished, and partly because I'm a very impatient reader.  Once I start, I DO NOT want to quit.  Pacing a book has never been a good quality of mine.  And with 3 children, a husband, an outside-of-the-home job, and a home to look after.  
Well, you get the point?
I do, however, spend a small amount of each day reading.

Here is my nightstand today.

How about you? Do you read?  What's on your nightstand?


Shaun and Holly said...

Well, I never read in bed now. I read in the livingroom. book pile is as follows:
* The Sacred Romance (Drawing closer to the heart of God)
* Martha Stewart Living Magazine
*The Singer Trilogy
*and a Beth Moore Bible Study (the Tabernacle)

Jen said...

I love reading and am like you Amy, I cannot put a decent book down once I have started it. In the first 3 weeks of summer break last year, I read 10 novels/books.
The year before, I bought the complete collection of Jane Austin books since I had never read any of these classics, and read them all in about 6 weeks. I took a speed reading/comprehension course in high school, and read extremely quickly, but I seriously cannot tear myself away from a really good book.

I have to limit my reading or nothing would get done!

I see you have the Gosselin story on your night is it? I am actually thinking of Maria....she cannot get enough of those kids...seriously, it is the only show she watches.
She confessed to me not long ago that she was a little mad at the "CA Octo-mom" when she first had her babies, because she beat out her beloved Gosselins, and that she would love to look after them all by herself and not even get funny is that?
Anyway, let me know if it is suitable reading for a 10 year old.

Amy said...

Jen--I'm halfway through and so far it's really quite good. She touches on her faith in God a lot. I think it would be a great read for a 10yr old. She's more than welcome to it once I finish if she wants it.

gitz said...

I love to read but I am HORRIBLE about pacing myself. I was a farm girl that needed the mind adventure, too. :)

I've never understood how people read before bed, to relax themselves into sleep. If I read before bed I find myself forcing my eyes open so I can just finish one more chapter, and end up staying up way later than I should.

Good thing there's no one here telling me I should grow up and change my ways. :)

Ris said...

Amy, you and I seemto share a lot of hobbies! I LOVE to read. Total bookworm. I'd sit in a hammock reading on vacations while everyone else was swimming. Currently on nightstand, my most prized possession- my NIV Life Application bible, a beth Moore study "a heart like his", what to expect the toddler years and Mary Queen of Scots by Margaret George.

redeemed diva said...

I love to read too.
Currently, The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer, The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace, A Thomas Jefferson Education,The Secret Garden ( to my kids), and I just finished--for the third time--the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Cyndi said...

Yeah for reading!! There is nothing like it. Presently I have a pile of books I've semi-started and intend to finish. In the summer I like to read a good fiction (it is holiday time, even for my brain). But as this is April I presently have the folling: "Living by Design"-discovering the spirit, soul and body connection. This was writtenby a doctor and is peudo-medical/spiritual at the same time. "Kissed the girls and made them cry" by Lisa Bevere, "The Fragrance of God" by Reina Amsterdam, "Now!" by our very own Glen Shaver, "A Cup of comfort book of Prayer" and I just happen to have "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants2" cause I gave to Randi to read but she doesn't have time to read while at school so It's still at my house!

Tammy said...

Unfortunately I am not doing alot of reading right now. I do love a good love story. I am also reading The love dare...... that's a good read!!!!!

~Amanda~ said...

Mmm I LOVE to read! Now that I am done University I can actually read for pleasure again! I too see that you have Multiple Blessings, I have been eyeing that book every time I walk into Chapters (I am addicted to that show, partially b/c I really want half asian babies!). But yes Amy, I am with you, I have multiple books semi started on the go! I can't wait for the nice weather to come, so I can sit in our canopy swing and take it all in :)

Horse Dreamer said...

I am not a big reader but right now I am reading my bible, divine dance and the battle field of the mind

amanda said...

Oh wow! Amy you do have a lot on the go...
I LOVE to read as well.
Currently I am reading a bit of everything it seems( which gets confusing at times with different plots!)
I am reading
The Cat's eye
The Criminal's Lullaby
New Moon
and recently finished the Diary of Anne Frank!
I would love to read Multiple Blessings though! It looks so interesting!
But If anyone knows any historical fiction that would they would recommend it would be greatly appreciated, it's my favourite genre