Saturday, April 11, 2009


 I treated my 6yr old to the new 'Hannah Montana' movie for having a great report card. 

 I was made to squeeeeeze into my 11yr old, next door neighbours, t-shirt.  
(  How are you going to get that off?)

 While wearing said t-shirt we had the paparazzi taking numerous pictures.

 We had a blast.

And then we came home to repeated lessons to learn the "hoedown throwdown".

To be continued.......


Vicki said...

We enjoyed the movie on Saturday night with our girls (even at 15 and 13 they are big Miley/Hannah fans). We all thought the movie was great - tears, laughter, great acting, good music!

Hmmm ... somehow we escaped the paparazzi though!!

Jen said...

Oh to squeeze into an 11 year old's t shirt....sigh.

The girls and I went Friday and we LOVED the movie.
Great story, funny, everything! (it was our bribe/reward for getting a whole lot of chores done for Easter company...but I'd have taken them anyway!)

Megan said...

oh you totally see it coming that EVERYONE 11 and under is going to want to do the hoedown throwdown. ha!


Shaun and Holly said...

Fun!!!! : )

gitz said...

I'm vascilating between finding you adorable and wanting to smack you for being able to wear an 11 year old's shirt.

*sigh* steroids have ruined my chances of every squeezing into a little shirt again!