Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yeah, it's true, we're still here.
Shock you?  I know, I's been soooo long..
Well, all I can say is we've been doing.,. umm.. "things".

Aside from the adults & 1 babe being sick forever..(thank GOD! we seem to be getting over it all!), we have been busy busy as usual..

Remember this?  When the babe and I cleaned the "office".  Well, we have started back into the building phase, so I had to move ALLLLL that junk into the "bathroom" so we could have an empty room (aside from this computer) to work in.

The "bathroom" 
ugh...what a mess!

We also did this:
  (our neighbours stopped by to see what we were doing and if I'd gotten over the flu yet--
by the look of my PURE delight and outfit, I'd say I wasn't quite 100% )
Align Center

This is the "pretty" tree finished.

This is the "kids" tree which is housed downstairs. 
 The presents will eventually go under this tree.  

The children were so excited after putting up the tree (the hot chocolate and Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas CD didn't help!!), that they BEGGED to sleep underneath it.  I obliged.  It should be an interesting 41 days....

That is just a few of the things we have been "upto".  The list is endless, and continues.  Oh how I love this season!!  (seriously..I love it!--hence the trees up already!)  
I find myself remembering all the wonders of being pregnant (and the not-so-wondrous!!) and the last weeks of discomfort, pain, yet great anticipation!!!  I often think of how Mary may have felt.  Such a young girl.  Without a husband.  (a boyfriend who was 'suspected' as the father!) Leaving her home and family.  So many worries I'm sure.

Yet, what JOY there must have been in knowing a small, perfect, baby boy was to arrive soon.  

I can't help but think of this during most of the 'Christmas season'.  

My wish for you all is that you enjoy the next 6 weeks.  That you find JOY and PEACE in EVERYTHING that you do (be it shopping, baking, parties..) and that you can be reminded DAILY of the great and wonderful gift we were given so long ago.  

**p.s.  If anyone knows how I am able to draft a post, then change the date another day, could you leave a comment with your email and I'll email you back?  (I have to approve the comments first, so I won't publish your email address.)  I'd love to figure this out so I can do multiple posts on the days I'm off, and post them the days I work**


Anonymous said...

I can help you. Go into your post and on the bottom left corner, it says, Post Options. Click it and the date will come up on the right hand side and just change it. I've done it lots, as I start a post and often don't get to finish it til later.
So, glad you are enjoying the Christmas season and enjoying the Children season. It goes all too fast, and I wish I could repeat alot of it... would change a few things too. LOL!
I love you

gitz said...

Hey, girlie... I've tried to leave comments on your last couple posts, but they never appear... thought I'd try again and see if this gets through to you or if it's getting lost somewhere while awaiting moderation...

Glad you're feeling better!!!

Ris said...

AWESOME that you already have your trees up! We get one from the lot across the street, so will be able to put it up the day after Thanksgiving. (end of next week) Love the end of this post, esp. (about Mary and joy and peace) I want my children to know the REAL reason that we have Christmas!

Jenna Dowling said...

You trees both look beautiful!!

Ry and I had to COMPROMISE to put up our tree on nov. 25th.. and I am so anxious! We have all other decorations up -- and the Hillsongs Christmas CD is pretty much on repeat.

Enjoy the prep.. the PERFECT time of year!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

Love the Christmas tree. I do love Christmas with small children around. It makes it fun..... When their grown and now with their own lives it's not so much fun. I will wait though for grandkids.
Will be blogging soon.....

Roxanne said...

You are super busy..reminds me of when I had three little ones. Now I have two teenagers and my youngest child is 11. I'm not getting any older though!!

Shari said...

Tammy - You're WAY TOO young to be talking or even thinking of the "grandkids"!!!!

Amy - you are the picture of organization. Honestly I found it easy to stay organized when the kids were little.... these big kids get stuff out and don't seem to be very faithful in putting things back!!

Cathy said...

Your tree is beautiful, Amy. I love reading your posts. They're so full of life!