Friday, September 7, 2007

School Again....

Year # 2 for the Lockwood household...
Although, we were quite excited for Hannah as she was getting a new teacher, and a favourite friend Kaleb (our neighbour) was joining her this year, there was still a bit of nervousness as we didn't want to endure a year like the last.
After a VERY EVENTFUL morning (post to come), we all set off for school for 1:00.

Hannah was very excited to go...she was actually normal--talkative and outgoing, not sad, quiet and sullen as she was last year at school time--she even "forgot" to kiss me goodbye as she ran into the playground...(I did get my kiss as we went inside to see her classroom).
She had a great first day and there was only one person with a few tears---Poor Isaiah!!
Thank you Lord for blessing us this school year--and allowing my big girl to be the person you designed her to be!!


Holly said...

Yipie for Hannah!!! And HUGE thanks to God for His blessings on her!!I am sending hugs to a little brother...hope he adjusts quickly to his sister being at school.

Rhonda said...

Be so thankful that her little brother misses her. I love close bonds between brothers and sisters.

Jen said...

I am so happy for your sweet family....these early school years are supposed to be the best, and Hannah is such a personable outgoing little girl, her natural instinct would be to love school....thank you God for Clean slates and favor!!!!

Bless little Isaiah too....maybe he will get to bond with his little sister the way he has with his big sister now.