Sunday, September 9, 2007

Attitude of Gratitude...

Today I am thankful for: husband-- he loves me loads. No matter what size I am, makeup or none, heels or flats..he always tells me I'm beautiful! kiddies-- they extend more grace than I deserve.
...A Sunday morning with my hubby home!! -- most Sunday mornings I am by myself, but today, Mike did not have worship, nor did he have to work!! coke -- pure joy each time I drink it..!
...sleep -- what's the saying? " You don't know what you've got till it's gone"? 'nough said!
...blessings -- Mike's belt broke. God blessed him with a brand new one, FREE. From a little hindu woman. God is SO GOOD!!
...neighbours -- God has blessed us with great neighbours, and we love them to bits.
...water -- @ 11:00 p.m. I am now going to enjoy a nice HOT bath!!!!


Holly said...
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Holly said...

What a RARE treat for you to have a Sunday morning WITH your husband!! It is true that we take so much for granted and often don't know how blessed are! Spouses of musicians make sacrifices. Lots of times it is easy and a joy (because we love them and love to see them happy), but sometimes it is a challenge when we are on our own and missing them (and their help)!!! I am happy for you that you got that gift of some extra time with Mike on a day when you are used to being on your own! MUAH!

Jen said...

Amy, sounds like life has gotten a little hectic....and sleepless. Praying lots of rest and blessings on all of you, and I hope to catch up with you at Holly's tomorrow.

I think you look beautiful too, and are still the envy of MANY new mommy's look awesome!

Roxanne said...

You are wise to 'see' the blessings in your life and share your thoughts. It reminds us all to 'look' for the blessings that are already there.

Jon said...

Yeah mike is a cool guy. Was good to see him post his thoughts a while back

Be Blessed guys