Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Attitude of Gratitude...

Okay...once again I have missed Gratitude Saturday....here's my Tuesday list....

1. ice chips -- anyone who has ever been pregnant MUST remember how lovely ice chips were? what a great way to fend off the everpresent heart burn!!

2. my daughter -- so brave today at the doctors. getting 2 needles. "And I didn't even cry mom." "Oh? Those aren't tears in your eyes?" "nope. They just leaked a bit."

3. my son -- in his VERY 2 year old BOY state (do they ever slow down??) he is very kind and loving. He was adamant that he was to go with Hannah "I hab needle too mom."

4. my husband -- who is a gift from God. He has the best sense of humour. (Mike that is..not God..lol) I have been laughing all day.....and laughing is one of my most FAVOURITE things to do....

5. little and big blessings -- after over a year of having "misplaced" my wedding rings... I was gathering the boxes to take to charity and a small bag fell out of one box. I went to throw it back in the box, when I felt something.... YEPPERS!! My rings!!

6. benefits -- Hannah & I get to go to the dentist tomorrow. So blessed.

7. sunshine -- the better the weather, the better I feel.

8. tums -- a pregos best friend!

9. books -- although I don't make alot of time to read, I do LOVE it... and am currently reading a book I've read many times...The power of a praying wife.... It's awesome. READ IT!! (whether you have a good marriage or not so good one....you'll learn something each time!!)

10. My Father God. Where would I be without him? Words will never express.


Jen said...

Awesome list Amy

You are blessed...and not just because of Tums and ice chips either!!!
You have a wonderful family, and the blessing of that is growing...right inside of you!!!

Cheryl said...

Mikey always made me laugh too! i still laugh when I think of him!

I too lost "misplaced" my wedding rings, except they were only lost for 2 months. I was sick about it. So happy you found them!!! woohoo.

Now you can look like a married pregnant woman!lol!

Your kids are adorable, I love reading stories about them.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Again! Another week of gratitude and no mention of the one individual that is the glue that holds the Beaumont family together.You know who I mean. Oh well maybe next time.

redeemed diva said...

Is anonymous talking about Rimshot?
Amy, do you still have that dog? BTW, in the novel I'm writing I named the pet dog, Rimshot-Marie because of you guys. You guys are the ones who had a dog named Rimshot, right?

Holly said...

Wonderful blessings in your life! I rejoice with ya. So happy too, that you found your wedding rings!

joy... said...

Hey friend... I'm missing you tons. I wish I could see that gorgeous belly you've got!
The power of a praying wife is a phenomenal book! I need to get you a copy of "Captivating" though... it's fantastic, too.
Loving you and your growing family so, so much... muah.

Rhonda said...

Awesome list Amy. So, what about Mom's tears when Hannah got her needle?? I always found tears contagious. When my children had them, so did I. :)

Sue said...

Nothing like having a friend whose pregnant with you!

Dianne said...

I just happened upon your blog by chance and LOVE the things you share. I will be back to check in often!

Tamatha said...

Amy.....it's a good thing that you checked what was in the little bag!!Wowsers....the charity almost really scored!