Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did I just say that?

Oh..I know. It's been a really long time. I have a good excuse. Kind of. Well, not really. But we'll talk about that some other time. There have been, umm, things, going on. Life happens.

Amidst all that has been going on, we try to keep our humour intact. It's not that hard around here. Here are just a few things that I have caught myself saying in the past week:

Please get your fingers out of my hair. I know it's a special comb but it really hurts mommys head. Thank you.

Yes, I think Mickey does kiss Minnie. Yes, probably because he lubs her.

Just eat it please. No, it's not chicken. Yes, I know you like chicken best. This is not chicken. Now please eat it.

No, I don't think his balls were itchy. It's the way he dances. And why are you calling them balls?

Do I look like an idiot? (yes! I said that--and expected an answer????)

Why are you saying that? It's not very nice. No, brothers don't stink. Well Hannah was wrong.

Why are we talking about this? Oh. Well yes, they probably will be small. Good. I'm glad you are okay with that.

You will get your sticker when your room is clean. It is? Okay, well then lets go check. Oh. Okay. I'll stay here just one minute.

and the best....

No honey, you did not just crack your vagina. You were born that way. Yes. Now please stop crying.

Sorry it's been so long. Will try to stop by more often.

Keep laughing!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my chicken! Ha! haha!!!!!!
I'm definitely laughing and so is Sid.

Jen said...

Got to love them and the things they make us say Amy!!!...Yup, laughed out loud on the last one!
Keep laughing Girlie...it's what gets us through!