Thursday, June 10, 2010

Would you like fries with that?

For those who know me well, you will know that I don't handle mess very well. I can do dirt okay. But mess? Sends me over the top. I literally have a very hard time functioning in it. Stems back to somewhere in my lineage. (seriously!) That, coupled with a neat-freak mom, leads to a tad whacko ME!!

If I think back to my (really good!) childhood I can remember a very clean house. I remember Saturday mornings being allotted for cleaning and baking. I remember the living room being the "good" room that no one played in.

I also remember being the only kid to bring in super cool chocolates on a stick that my mom made!
I remember trading my homemade butter tarts for oreos. because everyone wanted my moms butter tarts.
I remember homemade 'professionally' decorated birthday cakes.
I remember swimming parties for my whole class with lots of homemade food.

And this is what I want my kids to remember. (among many things!!)

Yes, their mom was a tad neurotic.
And that: even
though her kitchen being like this hurt her head.

That having her kids bring in these for the funfair:

(cupcake hamburgers & blueberry muffins)
it was all worth it!!


gitz said...

How fantastically creative you are!!!! Those "hamburgers" are adorable!

Maureen said...

I saw Rhondas post on Facebook and Brandy was talking about them last night at Junior High
I was hoping you would post pics.
They look Great and yummy too

Jen said...

Awesome Job truly are wonder woman!

Rhonda said...

They really were amazing! Mark bought two of the little 'happy meals'. Amazing Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!!!!!

Shaun and Holly said...


Shari said...

wow I'm impressed with all your work!! Will you adopt me please??