Wednesday, March 3, 2010


(Did I mention mens AND womens hockey won GOLD!!!!!!!!!)---Oh wait, I've just started.

Most of you know that we have just finished the 2010 olympics. In CANADA.

It has been posted and played practically everywhere, 24 hours of the day for the past 17 days. It would be hard not to notice.
For those 'die-hard' fans like myself, having the Olympic games hosted in my very own country was license to put my entire life on hold for 17 days.
There were day-long t.v. marathons followed by keep-your-eyes-open-with-toothpicks- (because it's 1:00 AM and you haven't been to bed before midnight in 12 nights and there are 5 nights to go).
I had bouts of depression followed by moments of joy.
I woke up my children by screaming at the t.v.

Oh yeah. I'm one of those.

And I enjoyed every.last.minute.

Having the games in Canada was exhilarating. The apparel for the games was for sale before Christmas, and by the time the games began, many of the stores were sold out. One day, while I was talking to my wonderful sister-in-law, I mentioned how I had been wearing "Canadian apparel" for years. She agreed.

I don't purchase clothes often. Actually, very, very seldom. In most cases my "new" clothes come on Christmas morning via my beloved husband.

There is one clause in that statement though.

I am a sucka for "Canada" wear.

And so, I give you, as many pictures as I can find, of me in my favourite clothing option!!

Look close. It DOES say Canada.

That is a "C". Promise. Oh how I miss this sweater.

Click to enlarge. Canada AGAIN!!

I'm the one in the middle beside the guy with the funky blue shirt.

That's me with the "Canada" shirt on.

Once again.

Even my kids are affected!!

Okay, so this one isn't quite as noticeable. That little white ring on my shorts is a symbol with a flag. The butt says...."Canada" (stumped ya eh?)

It's a sickness. I know. But I feel super blessed to live in a FREE COUNTRY: full of love, respect, friends and family.

I love you Canada!!!


gitz said...

I actually thought of you, my Canadian friend, as I watched the Olympics non-stop and yelled at the tv!

Shaun and Holly said...

I love Canada too! :)

redeemed diva said...

It's been awhile since i've been over here. I love this!
I love Canada too!

Ris said...

I REALLY enjoyed visiting Canada! I got a really cool Canada Roots sweatshirt while I was there. Love that thing! You look so cute in the pics!

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