Friday, January 22, 2010

oh...we're here.

We've basically been doing just about anything you can think of.
Except blogging.

We've been ripping up carpet.

And cleaning REALLY. DIRTY. tops-of-cupboards.
Eew. Grosse.

Dealing with messy, disorganized closets.

And taking joy in the little things.

Like my favourite 2yo and 3 yo.

And brand new gifted appliances!!

And all the people that fill our lives with love.

Could someone please tell my first born to come home from Grandmas so I can get a picture of her?????!!!

So, that's how 2010 has been shaping up with us.
Stay tuned for "after" pictures of all the hard work we have been doing.
What's new with you??


Shari said...

I have a trick/tip for the top of your cupboards.... after the top is all cleaned put down waxed paper. Next time you clean simply change the waxed paper.

I have been organizing my house. I'm getting ready for all the upcoming changes here - baby.

I have a VERY long to do list over the next three months! You inspire me to "Just Do It".

Holly said...

Congrats on all your upgrades!