Thursday, August 20, 2009

Putting my colours in a row.

In keeping with the ONLY theme I seem to know as of late, I will continue to post on my lovely, (sometimes overwhelming) LIST!
I know, I know.
It's getting kind of boring.
I'm alright if you leave.

(I promise to put an interesting, useful post up before December 31st)

Go on.

Oh. you're still here?

Well then I guess I'll show you more pics.

For those of you who know me well, you'll know that I really like makeup. Oddly enough though, not so much to WEAR. Yeah, I'm weird. I just love (LOVE LOVE LOVE) the colours. And not really the colours on MY face. Just the colours, in general, on other peoples faces! Needless to say. I. Love. Makeup.
Too much.

This was my makeup case.
Too large.
Too much makeup.
Too messy.

I treated myself to a $10 fishing tackle box.
I'm kind like that.

Then, while the kiddies watched a movie.
I purged. Cleaned. Organized.

MMMMHMMM...what do you think???

And, it fits well in the cabinet.
I know. You're jealous.


My Heart said...

What a great, and I mean GREAT!, idea! Permission to totally steal the idea?

Jen said...

OK< I will admit the tackle box's compartments are much more conducive to organized make up....I love how neatly it all folds out...but couldn't they at least make one in pink?
I think you should get some girly make up stickers and blingy jewels and let the kids "Bedazzle" it for you!

Maureen said...

I hang my head in shame Master of the cosmetics.
I am humbled by your organizational skills.
My bathroom is a wreck with all my cosmetics.

Maureen said...

Jen They make those cases in pink
They are by caboodles. Trust me go with Amy's tackle box as they can run $20-$60 and are less durable

Holly said...

Love it!!!!!

We have the same tackle box but it is filled with Art Supplies!


Rhonda said...

Love the organization - I'm envious.

Brandy said...

You finally found one!!!! walmart i presume? Looks amazing!!!

Juls said...

That was the best idea ever! you're so stinkin smart!

Megan said...

be still my heart. it is gorgeous.

it's like a caboodle for grown women.


Roxanne said...

You could do your own tv show!

Tamatha said...

hahaha! I have never seen anyone put makeup in a tackle box!SO funny Amy! I love you!