Tuesday, July 28, 2009

While working on the list last night, I was listening to Dr.James McDonald. He said something that resonated in me. If you are struggling with raising young children (or just raising young children) take this definition to heart. And then stay focused. Give consequences. And ALWAYS follow through.

It's tough. I know.

Definition of Parental Training:
(in response to disciplining your children during their 'early years')

Parental Training is: Artificial application and amplification of the consequences of wrong choices before the actions are big enough to scar their life.

P.s. If anyone is interested in hearing the whole teaching, please let me know. Raising children is difficult. Getting help is necessary.


Holly said...

Being a parent IS full of many challenges. I have been faced with several situations where I have needed to get help. Sometimes I think that we feel that we need to have "perfect" lives and deal with everything on our own. But we do NEED support. Thanks Amy.


Jen said...

I think that was one of the biggest struggles while the kids were really little and most of what they did wrong was still pretty cute....deciding to discipline anyway, knowing that the same actions will be anything but cute later on. It's always about looking ahead to raising adults with character and integrity.

I used to tell them all the time, "you have to learn to listen to dad and I, so you will learn to listen to your teachers, your employers and to God. Besides, if you act up for an employer, they will fire you, which leaves you back on our door step....and that won't be happening, SO, OBEY!"

redeemed diva said...

Hi Amy.
Definitely want to listen to the whole thing. I printed that statement out and it's on my cupboard.