Sunday, July 6, 2008

So here I am, LATE, for this weeks "It's Real Life" with Jessica. I  the kids, misplaced my camera.  These are the pictures I managed to download.  **If anyone knows WHERE my camera is, please let me know (wink wink) because I would HATE to have to buy a new one (wink wink)**

This is the list:
  • *Under the bed
  • *What's in and on your dresser
  • *What's on your night table
  • *The pictures/decorations
  • *What you love about it
  • *What you hate about it
  • *What makes it uniquely you
  • *What you sleep in (let's keep it G ;-))
Here is "Where the Magic Happens"!!!

Not a huge room, but works for us.  I do make the bed every morning (almost) so if you came to visit you would see my bedroom like this.

My very favourite part of my room--my very own bathroom!!  I love love love it!!

What was under the bed the day I took some pics...hmmm...a soother, a piece of paper, my slippers, and some dirt.  Oh yeah, I see my scale too.

I can't seem to find my nightstand pic--it's just a wicker brown stand that holds my ipod base, a book and my cell phone when it's charging.

I hate the colour of my bedroom. I think they call it "builders beige".  Someday, once all my renovations are complete, I may get energetic and paint.  But that will be awhile.  And I really wish I could find a bedskirt to match--but I haven't found one yet. 

The fact that it is tidy most of the time, is what makes it uniquely  me.

As for what I sleep in?  No comment. lol.  (come on girls, my dad reads these!!)

****BTW--I am looking at placing some drapery on the window.  Any ideas on what kind?  I really like the tab kind, but I'm not sure if I should have them go right to the floor, or a bit under the window?????  I would LOVE some suggestions!!!****


Shaun and Holly said...

I know what you sleep in (or don't)!!!! lol


Amy Bennett said...

You are super cute! Love your hair cut. I'm getting ready to cut mine short again.

I love panels for any room.

Jen said...

Oh to have our own bathroom...I can't wait!!!
Tabs would suit your room very nicely...I would go full length myself...much more romantic and finished looking.

Mona said...

Now we all know Holly teehee
Sorry Gary but lets face it you are blessed with 3 grandchildren from your "Drapeless" Daughter

Megan said...

i love your room- so fresh-looking! and your family pics in the sidebar are precious!

hmmm...floor or under window... i think whatever you pick will look amazing!


Ris said...

personally I prefer drapes that go to the floor. Esp for a bedroom and living areas. Looks elegant and you can get the thick paneled kind that block out all the light. I like the look without a valence, just thick, long drapes. You could do all kinds of things but that would be my suggestion. I knew your room would be clean! LOL

Anne Elizabeth said...

Ditto to everything Ris said about the drapes.
I like your bed and bedding a lot. Good bed skirts are hard to find.

Cathy said...

I think I bought the same duvet for my bed this winter. I haven't found a bedskirt yet either, but I did pick up a chocolate brown blanket and tucked it under the end of the mattress and discovered I love the colour with the duvet. Is yours light brown in colour, with dark brown threading in the design?

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

What a great room! I love your duvet & I think full length, maybe on the sheerer side would be the way to go.

My own bathroom. Sigh. If only. :-)