Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Found a really cool blog recently where the host, Jessica , is having "It's Real Life" Thursdays. Each week, she will post a list of specific areas (or things) to snap pictures of--just as they are.   No primping or cleaning-- and then on Thursdays she will post her pics.  She has invited her viewers to participate as well.  And, seeing as this is RIGHT down my alley...  I am joining "It's Real Life"...  here is last weeks, albeit a tad late!!


Well, since it was after 11:00 pm when I took these pics, my children were fast asleep.


lucky for me, I finished the 3 baskets I had waiting for me, just before I sat down at the computer..this is some remnants from this evening only.  However, I do like to keep caught up on laundry as much as possible.  

ewe,  the rules were to be "in real life" no primping etc...ugh.  This is me, at 11:00 pm.  You asked for it. lol.


I don't really have favourite shoes..although I do like flip flops.  My all-time favourite "footwear" is slippers!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!  Grandma looking or not, they are SOOOO comfortable!


Hands down, my KITCHEN.  I love it.  


No news here, since I've previously posted on this.  (you can see a front view from the kitchen pictures above)  


This is my bedroom closet.  Jessica didn't specify WHICH closet to choose.  I chose mine, but the remainder of the closets, do not look much different than this one.  (Oddly enough, this house did not have a linen closet??  So our closet doubles as towel storage as well!!)


Seriously some strange items on the fun.  The sink was full before I sat at the computer, so I have a bit of an advantage.  I do like to "tidy up" after the kids go to bed and before I head to blog.  Most days you will see a few dishes in the sink. (but not many)

And lastly...THE TOILET

Okay..very strange.  This is the toilet in the kids bathroom upstairs. (as the one downstairs is yet to be installed!!!)  Nothing interesting about it.  Sorry.

Well, that's it.  Finished the list.  I found it VERY interesting to visit the other blogs to peek in on you all.  Look forward to next Thursdays list!!


Elizabeth said...'s like the cleanest house around!

Tiffany said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! And thanks for the compliments on the fridge - That was a common thread in my comments - I LOVE IT! I waited a long time to finally get it and will never go back!

As for the camera, a year ago I upgraded to a Canon Digital Rebel XTi SLR - It is my dream camera - I love the versatility and still haven't even gotten familiar with some of the more specialized functions.

Thanks again!

Jen said...


You are my pictures would be a little more...ahemmm..."cluttered".
When I grow up, I want to be like you!

Julie said...

Love your blog, might have to link to it. :) I love your kitchen too. I'd love any room in my house if it was that clean. I think it was a bit "showy" to photograph your toilet with the lid up. ha ha

Amy said...

Jen--in my defense, it was 11:00 pm when I snapped these pics, and I usually do a clean up after kids go to bed, and before I have computer time. If I had taken these in the middle of the day, the kitchen would for sure look lived in!!!!
Julie--as for the is the way it stays in my ones haven't quite got the hang of putting it down..atleast there's nothing in'm surprised!!

Shaun and Holly said...

You do have a spectacular Kitchen!!


Shaun and Holly said...

Since when do you need to defend having a CLEAN house!???? lol

This is a neat idea. I decided to participate too!


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That is a great kitchen. love the color.

You have great hair & gorgeous eyes. Even at 11 pm!

Ris said...

ok I need to go clean now! LOL your sleeping kiddos are so sweet.