Monday, March 31, 2008

What's in your......


This is one of my most curious spots in the home. I find it very interesting looking in fridges. I don't actually walk around homes opening the refrigerators, but if I could, I would. I am interested in what is in them. What people like to eat--you'd be surprised what some families enjoy as delicacies!
Just to let you know (before I get anymore comments about how utterly anal I am!!) I will let you in on a bit of my "life". My fridge does not always look like this. I had bought groceries a few days before this pic. There are no leftovers yet. (which don't happen often--I prefer to freeze my leftovers for the nights Mike work) I like to grocery shop Sunday nights. My kids usually go to bed early, and I take a few hours to load the fridge and prep the food. And I always clean the fridge before I grocery shop. (This means that I may go a few days without any "food"-not including frozen food!.)

**If you look closely in the door you will see CHOCOLATE!! A MUST have for my fridge!!

And this is something I do while I am putting the groceries away..I always like to have veggies ready and able...makes them MUCH easier to eat!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kids can say the darndest things......

Our main bathroom is positioned right between Aliah's room and my room. The kitchen is directly "in front" of these rooms. My dad hates this. Because it is right in the open, and not positioned somewhere discreet in a hallways of some sort. I, however, love it. I am able to bath my children while being in the kitchen or in my bedroom. I can hear all that goes on because I am only a step away.
Tonight, as I was dressing Aliah for bed, I was listening to the older two in the tub. A bit of laughing, and a whole lot of water swishing. I finish dressing the babe, and go back into the bathroom. A bit of water is on the floor.
Hannah pipes up "hey mam, know what Isaiah just did?"
"No honey, I don't. What did he do?" I ask. Kind of off the cuff.
"He just got backwashed" Hannah says smiling from ear to ear.
"Backwashed?" I ask "What was he drinking?"
"Nothing." Hannah says. "He got backwashed!" Telling me again, as though I hadn't heard her the first time.
"Well he must have been drinking something then. Were you drinking the water honey?" I ask him
"No, me wasn't" He states. (He knew he'd get in trouble I"m sure!!)
"You have to drink something and spit it out to be backwashed" I explain "That's what 'backwashed' means"
"OH" Hannah says, a bit confused. "Well he got umm...back..back..."

It is then that I clue in..

"AHHHH...he got BAPTIZED?" I ask
"YEAH!!" they both quip. "THAT!!"

Monday, March 24, 2008

What's in your......


We all have one--some junkier than others--but we all have one. A drawer where the family has free reign to "throw stuff in"...things that don't have a real home. Most "junk drawers" that I have come across reside in the kitchen, but I have seen them in the garage or the laundry room. Where is yours???

As you see, ours is in the kitchen. There is nothing really crazy in it (shock you??) but there are a bunch of odds and ends. Chapstick, pens, paper, nailclippers, soothers!! , and my ziplocies. One of my biggest peeves is when Mike throws "stuff" (that has another home) (usually guitar related) in it. He always quips "but it is a junk drawer right?" .. Lol... "Yes, but those belong somewhere else!!! --SEE I DO have a problem!!! (Please don't tell him my chapsticks belong in my makeup case! lol-- I use those multiple times a day, so they need to be handy okay????)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My God is so funny....

As I sat writing my last post about how quiet my house was, and how peaceful my children were, I was interrupted with this...

A very wet distraught baby...
Voila! Nothing a dry diaper, new jammies & sheets, and a kiss from mama can't fix!!

Attitude of Gratitude..

There are so many things to be thankful for if we just stop and think. Or listen. Or look. Or feel. Or smell...

These are a few of mine, for today...:

** The carpeting for my rec-room is coming tomorrow morning..!!!!!!! I'm thankful I have a recroom, that it's getting finished, and that I can afford the carpet!!

** I can see some of my lawn. It may be brownish yellow. And really mucky. And wet. But it's not snow. I'm so thankful it's not snow. And that SPRING is coming SOON!!!!

** It's quiet. My children are all peacefully sleeping in their own beds. I'm thankful they're sleeping, that they have beds, and they aren't in mine--yet!

** I'm going to the movies with my kids tomorrow. I'm thankful I can budget this, that I get to spend time with my kids, and that it looks to be a good movie! (right Jen??--Horton!)

** My dad is well. I'm thankful I have a dad, and that he is well.

** I can smell burnt popcorn. Well, it stinks, but I'm thankful I can smell.

** Chocolate. Easter chocolate. Lots of it. 'Nough said!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What's in your......

I was "surfing" (the net ofcourse...unfortunately not the ocean!!) recently and came upon a useless, yet neat website. (I'm SOO sorry...I don't remember the address, but if it's yours, take the credit please!!) I only had about 5 minutes to look around, but it made me smile. In a weird way. The website was dedicated to peoples 'fridges'. Yep. Their refrigerators! All around the world, people had posted pictures of the outside, but mostly the inside of the refrigerators. It was really funny. And interesting. To me. I enjoyed looking at the different 'ways of life' and the 'story' each one had.

I have decided to put my own twist on this and try to do a weekly "WHAT'S IN YOUR..." It will give you a small glimpse into my life, and if anyone wants to comment, or even post their own pics, cool. If not, no biggie.

As I ventured upstairs, camera on hand, looking to take some pics of my fridge, I realized that it was not a good representation of our life. You see, my fridge is completely EMPTY! Serious. It has been for a week. If I post pics of that, I am afraid I may be reported for neglect. We will leave that pic until next week...or after.

So for this week... I picked something everyone loves to snoop in. Come on, you know you do!

What's in your....BATHROOM VANITY?

I have been blessed with 2 bathrooms in my home. (soon to be 3!!) The first pic is from the bathroom in my room. On the left is Mike's "manly bag" and the rest is mine. The essentials-toothbrush, paste etc. That HUGE silver thing is my makeup (Imagine!! I really don't wear near that much, but it was a gift from Mike, and I couldn't be rude. I actually love it when I make time to use it--about twice a year!) And the plastic bag is full of my "everyday" fun stuff--contacts & solution, face wash, comb, moisturizer, etc.

This is a pic of the "main" bathroom. The children use this one (until theirs is completed.) Oddly enough, I didn't realize this house plan didn't come with a linen closet (??) so we have to use the vanity to keep the towels and wash clothes. UGH! Any of you with little girls know of the thousands of hairclips--so that is what is in the plastic containers.!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring is near...

I can feel it. Maybe it's the weather? (I know, I know, there is still more winter to come...)

But I tell you, I can FEEL it.
My natural person is organized. I like clean. or neat rather. I like order. Everything in it's place. I love to purge.....

But there is something about spring. I think it gets everyone.
You want to clean those cupboards. Throw out old clothes. Wash the walls....

Anyone with me??

Well today I just FEEL it. I have a ton of laundry. (thanks to a few days of flu, a few days of vacation, and then upon return our toilet overflowed sending ALL the towels downstairs....), so I've been running the laundry all day...but I want to CLEAN. PURGE. --Pull out drawers, take off the bedding and flip the mattresses, wash the baseboards--..ooooohhhhh do I have a list!!

Spring is coming!!!!!!!!

P.s. For all who know me, you will understand that this means my annual "makeup-cleanout". I hope to do this in the next few weeks. If anyone wants, or knows of someone who may need or like, some nice, slightly used makeup, please let me know. {(You know I'm clean-no diseases!!lol) I believe all you need to do is clean it with a bit of alcohol (yes Mo??).} Just leave me a comment or email me. THANKS!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some things I reminisced upon

while sick in bed...(beside my husband who was also sick!!)

* I have wonderful family and friends --who are available to help at a moments notice...Thank you Loreen (mike's mom) Jodi (my neighbour) and mom/dad for looking after the kids while Mike and I spent hours in bed (SICK!!)

* God really does listen to 5 year olds who pray for "the sickness to go away"

* You know you're in love when you take turns vomiting (and other stuff) then kiss and exchange "I love you's"

* crying when you're sick really does make you feel better

* no matter how long one vomits when they are pregnant, there is no such thing as a "vito"

* sleep is good

* my children are very kind, and funny

(conversation the first morning that I woke Hannah & Isaiah up with my HURLING into the "throne")

Isaiah: "Mama, what me can do to help you?"
Hannah: "AHHH MOM, are you having another baby??"

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My baby is growing up....(tear)

She got her ears pierced!!

P.s. I'm not interested in hearing if you think it's cruel, mean, unhealthy etc...I only wish to hear how UTTERLY ADORABLE my child is!! (LOL!! HA!)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

My MOMMY is 60!!!

My mom is the BEST mom ever.
She taught me truth.
She taught me good.

One of the best things about my mom is that she absolutely adores my children. (and my brothers children!!) Many times when they are in trouble, they ask to call her...a bit of sympathy I guess? They love to spend time with her and sleep over night. There is always an open door. Always hugs and kisses. Too often junk food! Aside from that, she will call to take them for an afternoon just to help me out. Knowing that a good few hours can clean a house or tackle the laundry. She always thinks of me, even when she thinks of them. That means alot. Besides thinking of the fun of grandchildren, she thinks of her
Mom is very giving. She ALWAYS puts others before herself...ALWAYS! She tries to look at the good side of things. "Theres' always two sides to a story now"... She makes THE BEST roast beef and pork loin (I should know-I enjoy it every Sunday!) She is very kind and would go out of her way to help someone out. She is very clean and organized! She puts up with my dad...(she loves him!) She raised two of the best moochers alive! (Well done mama!) She takes us on HOT trips!! She loves unconditionally. (even when she doesn't agree) She supports us. She is really funny. And fun.

We all love you very much mom!!

Happy 60th Mom!!

(She is going to KILL me!!!!!)